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First Prize at the 17th CCW – Winner of Gold Award for Most Innovative Technology

Posted on July 8, 2022

We are pleased to announce that Pointel has won the Gold Award at the recently held 17th Contact Center World Awards.  

We are honored to have competed with more than 2000 participants in the contact center space from over 80 countries and to emerge victorious.

Being awarded The Most Innovative Technology award among the most ground-breaking innovations has been an incredibly rewarding experience for us at Pointel.

To be acknowledged as the best solution in a sea of industry-altering products is a true testament to the impact that Survey360 has created for businesses around the world.

Why Do the CCW Awards Matter?

The Contact Center World Awards are held by one of the world’s largest contact center associations. These awards are the only truly global awards and recognition program in the contact center space.

This means that the CCW Awards are an authority in the industry and host the biggest names in the contact center solutions business.

As such, recognition at such an event and through such a credible platform offers conclusive validation of the effectiveness of our product.

The Pointel Mission

At Pointel we are dedicated to creating impactful solutions that enable companies to shape award-winning customer experiences.

Our solutions have evolved with time as we have leveraged the knowledge and experience that we have gained through the successful implementation of our solutions in countless businesses.

We offer contact center cloud solutions so our customers can provide world-class customer experiences.

The impact of our solutions has enabled us to work as a certified partner with industry giants like Genesys.

The Pointel Survey360

Good customer experience begins with a big vision of a personalized and frictionless experience journey, one customer at a time. It is a journey that requires continuous improvement. Continuous improvement can be easily accomplished with Survey360.

Survey360 allowed companies to solicit, collect and derive actional insights based on experiences customers are having within our organization across all touchpoints.

What’s more, the solution also includes an interactive reports generation feature and helps businesses make data-driven decisions.

What Can Survey360 Do for Your Business?

Customer obsession – Creating customer experiences that take your customer satisfaction to unprecedented heights is the single most important thing you can do to succeed as a business.

After all, an elevated customer experience means a positive impact on customer loyalty, higher retention, and increased revenue growth.

Use Survey360 as a stand-alone solution for all your customer experience needs or use it along with other contact center solutions such as Genesys Cloud.

The award is a true testament to the effectiveness of Solution360 and how it has offered something innovative to the business world.

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