Genesys Adapters

Genesys Adapter for CX and CRM Platforms

Pointel specializes in improving customer experiences by building and optimizing contact center technology for Fortune 500 companies. As a Genesys-certified partner for more than 14 years, we understand how a unified customer information and interaction experience builds a stronger business, creates higher loyalty and drives more revenue. Pointel has created Genesys Adapters for the leading CRM and Customer Data (CX) Platforms, so that agents can have a unified desktop experience, and the customers have a more streamlined and intelligent engagement when interacting with your company. These Adapters are pre-packaged and ready-to-deploy within your contact center, bringing immediate value. While designing these Adapters, Pointel followed industry best practices, which removes integration, deployment, and management risks and responsibilities from your company’s IT department. Pointel also provides customization and support to ensure the data and customer interaction is optimized for your company and customers.

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Genesys Adapter Benefits

  • Eliminate customers entering repetitive information saving time and frustration.
  • Unify customer data, activity, insights and next steps automatically.
  • Streamline all Oracle and Genesys system information into a unified desktop screen
    including inbound/outbound phone, email, SMS and chat.
  • Connect the full Oracle CX Cloud suite and capitalize upon loyalty, sales and marketing campaigns.
  • Pointel Adapter is production environment ready.
Genesys Adapter for Salesforce offers Salesforce Lightning or Classic users a unified customer information and interaction experience. The Pointel Adapter works with a uniform desktop to manage both information for the customer and interaction controls. Pointel Adapter follows industry best practices, giving you a better user-experience. Our Adapter adds a powerful voice capability to CRM for a complete center solution.
Genesys Adapter for Oracle CX Cloud is built with Oracle and Genesys software development kits. The Adapter bridges the data between both systems and automates custom workflow, producing a deeper integration for agents and customers. Unify, sync, and augment customer data for customized interaction flow between agents and customers. The Adapter keeps customer communication smart and quick, strengthening the customer’s experience, and ultimately, their loyalty and increasing revenue.
Genesys Adapter for ServiceNow is new Pointel Adapter that plugs the yawning disconnect between ServiceNow and Genesys. The solution creates a seamless integration between the two, enabling faster and more productive interaction within your contact center. The Adapter offers your agents a single screen to view and access information to resolve customers’ complaints as quickly as possible. Pointel’s Genesys Adapter for ServiceNow is specifically designed to maximize the agent’s efficiency and improve the overall customer experience.