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Agent Interaction Desktop

Statistics and surveys show that Agents/Customer Service Professionals can save a considerable amount of talk time if the caller’s information is presented along with the call. This not only improves customer experience because they don’t have to repeat the information entered on VRU/IVR but also helps agents to focus on handling the customer’s intend for the call.

Agent Interaction Desktop is a customizable pre-built softphone that provides all the standard interaction desktop features and it is ready to deploy.

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Agent Interaction Desktop Features

Some of the main features of the Agent Interaction Desktop is listed below.

  • Agent/Customer Service Professional friendly and intuitive toolbar.
  • Pre-built Integration to leading enterprise applications including, Facets and Epic.
  • Dockable: Can be docked to one side of the screen so that it is easy for the agent to navigate/work with other CRM applications.
  • System tray shortcut: Provides shortcut on the system tray for easy accessibility.
  • Provides ability to Login/Logout features.
  • Provides ability to auto log out an agent on no-answer.
  • Provides ability to go Ready/Not-Ready with reason codes. Reason codes are customizable to suit your needs.
  • Provides ability to auto-answer the call.
  • Provides ability to hang up the call.
  • Provides ability to do single-step transfer, two-step transfer and conference features. Customizable drop down list for predefined numbers for call transfer.
  • Provides ability to put a call on hold and retrieve the call.
  • Provides ability to do speed dial. Speed dial list can be customized to suit your needs.
  • Provides ability to view data attached with the call.
  • Provides ability to do screen-pop.
  • Provides out-of-box ability to integrate with thin client applications.
  • Provides ability for the agent to customize like changing Colors and Skins.
  • Click once for easy deployment.
  • Support other media types like email, chat, social media and EWM.
  • Flexible architecture to integrate with other back office/front office applications with minimum interface.