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Genesys Configuration Management Solution

Your contact center undergoes several configuration changes on a daily basis. These changes are inevitable yet necessary to support your customers, improve the overall performance of your business and stay competitive in this ever-changing marketplace. How can you effectively gain control of the configuration changes to know what’s really happening to your contact center systems?

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Pointel Genesys Cloud Configuration Management Solution (CMS) is easy to use, thin-client application which provides you with complete control over your Genesys configuration environment.
CMS instantly highlights changes made to the Genesys configuration environment and it includes a detailed Genesys audit, import/export, snapshot/restore and alerting capabilities.
Pointel CMS captures all of the changes within your contact center and provides the information graphically so you can quickly and easily understand the changes made to your Genesys Configuration Management Environment.

Easily Audit Your Genesys System

It is important to know what changes have been made to your Genesys environment and by whom. Genesys Cloud Configuration Management Solution audit reports provide detailed information including the name of the user who made the change, the date and time of the change and both the current and previous values. It can also restore each parameter/KVP level change or the entire application back to a given point-in-time. You can also create ad hoc reports on demand to better understand the changes that were made.
Your contact center manager is constantly handling incidents, be it your website going down, an unexpected response from a marketing promotion, seasonal traffic or adjusting staffing due to unexpected resource schedule changes. Most often they will make agent and skill (queue) changes to accommodate and handle unplanned incidents. Pointel CMS allows you to capture ‘blue-sky’ snapshots and allows supervisors and managers to quickly and easily restore them back once the incident is resolved (e.g., the website is back up and running).

Understand the Health of Your Genesys Solution

It is often very difficult to manually check each object within your Configuration Management Environment (CME) to understand which ones might be missing a configuration. Pointel Genesys Cloud Configuration Management Solution is able to identify misconfigurations within each object and provide a way to resolve them quickly. You can also easily pull up a report for agent login by date to find out which ones are inactive and can be removed. You can easily identify problems in the CME with respect to Key Value Pairs (KVPs) by searching using criteria such as cfg object, application type, state, property type, option key and section key to reduce and simplify the search process.

Tools and Alerts to Help You Stay Ahead of Business Impacts

Attempting to promote applications from one environment to another can be technically demanding and labor intensive. Pointel CMS simplifies this promotion/migration process, saving business hours and reducing the risk of errors. CMS can be used to compare configurations between different regions (e.g., development and staging) to identify discrepancies quickly. Pointel CMS provides detailed reports on the health of your Genesys solution, including places without DNs, identify agents without login IDs, the last login date for each agent, disable inactive agents and provide detailed license usage reports.


Backing up your configurations can now be easily done with just a few clicks. The baseline feature of Pointel Genesys Cloud Configuration Management Solution allows you to compare your current configurations against your backup records to understand what was changed and when. Using CMS’s Customer Experience Monitoring, you can create notification alerts at both the application and transaction list level, as well as at the section and option levels. For example, you can establish an alert for when someone changes a critical list object or critical option within an application. Each alert can be configured to notify different groups within your organization and to send alerts to certain To, CC and BCC lists.


Most contact center agents work remotely and many often from home. Supervisors and managers are tasked with managing agents while ensuring that customers receive a great experience. A remote agent who forgets to log out from the phone system may alter reports and even worse, impact the customer experience. In dire scenarios, you may need to close a call center quickly due to an emergency, such as a fire drill or tornado warning. Pointel CMS provides a user-friendly way to see which agents are logged in and remotely log them out or if necessary, log out an entire group of agents.



Your customers, clients and management are constantly pressuring you to do more with less. It is a never-ending struggle to ensure that your technology design is always working at peak efficiency and that any spare resources are reallocated across your enterprise – all with fewer IT resources, fewer software licenses and fewer servers.Pointel Configuration Management Solution can help you easily and effectively manage your Genesys Cloud configurations and enable you to achieve your vision of an efficient customer experience.