Genesys Adapter for ServiceNow

Pointel’s Genesys Adapter for ServiceNow

For the longest time, two things remain at the top of many organizations’ priorities:

  • Employee engagement and
  • Customer satisfaction

The first guarantees the second, while Pointel’s Genesys ServiceNow Adapter guarantees both. Given the growing competition across all industries, efficient customer experience is indispensable to making your business stand out. In addition to generating new leads, it cements your clients’ confidence and loyalty to your brand. For this reason, enhancing customer experience solutions like Genesys/ServiceNow can help your contact center agents improve productivity, engage with customers and respond to their concerns quickly and accurately.

Contact center agents have struggled to transfer or retrieve client interaction data between ServiceNow and Genesys for the longest time. To achieve this, they must use many interaction management, sales, and service apps. Without a bridge to unifying Genesys and ServiceNow solutions, customer service interactions are always drawn out and boring, leaving the agents and clients exhausted. Also, organizations like yours suffered the loss of productive time and incurred the cost of long calls.

The new Pointel Adapter plugs the yawning disconnect between ServiceNow and Genesys. The solution creates a seamless integration between the two, enabling faster and more productive interaction within your contact center. The Adapter offers your agents a single screen to view and access information to resolve customers’ complaints as quickly as possible. With improved response and accuracy, Pointel’s Genesys Adapter for ServiceNow empowers your employees to keep customers satisfied and consolidate their loyalty easily, especially now that competition has made it volatile.

Pointel Adapter is about making your contact center stand out as a place of solution and not more frustrating for your customers. This simplifies the customer service process by removing the frustrating data transfer between ServiceNow and Genesys while an impatient customer is waiting at the other end of the call with a need. Pointel’s Genesys Adapter for ServiceNow integrates both platforms to improve your employees’ focus and productivity.

Genesys adapter for ServiceNow unifies Genesys and ServiceNow into a single desktop interface for agents. This ensures that every action your call center agent needs to take is only a click away. Having access to both ServiceNow and Genesys offers your agents instant access to information that they need to make decisions and handle customer interactions.

The Pointel Adapter ensures that your agents have customer details and up-to-date information regarding your callers. This helps the agents to give each customer personalized attention and improve their satisfaction rate even if they use another contact method (emails, SMS, Chat, Messenger, etc.) than they used previously.

Genesys Adapter for ServiceNow Architecture

Pointel’s Genesys Adapter for ServiceNow is specifically designed to maximize the agent’s efficiency and improve the overall customer experience.

Genesys ServiceNow Architecture

Genesys Cloud ServiceNow Architecture

Unique Features of Pointel’s Genesys Adapter for ServiceNow

  • Custom Widgets
  • This feature offers you a configurable opportunity to retrieve and present the necessary information at a glance.

  • Updatable Custom Fields
  • This feature enables you to produce reports on customer interactions within ServiceNow(for example, total interaction handle time). The updatable custom fields make the Pointel Adapter more configurable.

  • Automatic Incident Creation
  • This feature automates the customer service process and helps to reduce the wait time customers have to endure.

  • Ability to Call Web Services
  • Using REST and SOAP APIs, Pointel Adapter can make functional calls.

  • Single Sign-on (SSO) Support
  • This feature offers you secure authentication.

  • Customizable
  • Pointel’s Genesys Adapter for ServiceNow offers the flexibility to customize the integration to meet your business needs.

Key Advantages of Genesys Adapter for ServiceNow

  • Make your call center more efficient, accurate and effective
  • Improve employee efficiency and reduce turn over
  • Raise your service performance levels
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Save time and frustration by removing repetitive information from customers.
  • Automatically synchronize customer data, activity, insights, and next steps.
  • Integrate all Genesys and ServiceNow information into a unified desktop screen, including inbound/outbound phone, email, SMS, and chat.

In a nutshell, the Pointel Adapter brings simplicity to your contact center to ensure that your employees are empowered, your customers are satisfied, and your costs (time/money) per call are significantly reduced.

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