Pointel Survey360

Contact Center Survey360

Attracting new customers while strengthening the loyalty of existing customers is a real challenge in today’s competitive global business environment. The maximum possible positive outcomes are expected at the contact centers. How do you survey that? Pointel Survey360, a contact center survey solution makes it all much easier. With Survey360, you can create and conduct surveys to obtain customer feedback and capture customer experience data. The result is truthful, in-depth information on customer expectations and contact center operations that you can analyze quickly and leverage to gain and retain your most valuable customers.

Why Pointel Survey360?

Typical deployment in 1-2 weeks. Easy to use, no special training needed for contact center personnel.

•Cost Effective •Low cost maintenance •Support and enhancements •Faster ROI

Tested and proven solution. Identify training needs. Provide insight to employee performance and customer sentiment.

Simple, efficient and customizable design tools. Scalable to any size. Genesys integration.

Timely and actionable feedbacks directly from the customers. Proactive improvement in technology and business process.



Make customer feedback your most powerful competitive edge

Pointel Survey360, a Contact Center Survey Solution is a closed-loop customer feedback solution specifically designed for business
user to create and manage surveys.

Captures valuable customer data along with the feedback. It captures customer response via speech or DTMF and passes data to SFDC/Oracle Service Cloud.

Creates, collects, analyzes and publishes customer experience data instantly on your laptop.

Survey360 uses prebuilt templates for quick customization and implementation or clones existing surveys.

Is easy to design, test, modify through a simple point and click web interface.

Gives operational insights, trends and highlights areas needing improvement.

Identifies issues with people, processes and technology and helps to take action before significant problems arise.

Integrates with Salesforce to show customer feedback within the salesforce application.

Has the ability to include additional data items for enhanced reporting.

Reliably measures the level of your customer satisfaction.

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With the combination of customer experience data and the ability to capture and analyze it in real-time, Pointel Survey360, a Contact Center Survey Solution, provides a competitive edge that can actually improve your organization’s efficiency. This is actionable intelligence. In addition to the details in the surveys themselves, you can generate interactive reports on demand simply, without coding to interpret customer feedback and translate survey results into improvement recommendations across your enterprise.