CMS Audit & Alert

Genesys Audit and Alert Solution

Your contact center undergoes several configuration changes on a daily basis. These changes are inevitable and necessary to support your customers, improve the overall performance of your business, and to stay competitive in an ever-changing marketplace. How can you get control over these configuration changes to gain a better understanding of what’s really happening to your contact center systems?


“Having visibility using Pointel CMS Audit and Alert was huge for us and we were able to quickly identify the configuration changes and able to revert them back almost instantaneously. We use it for everything from knowing the changes to who is changing what in our entire configuration.

The visibility that it gives you and the ease of use is to me, the biggest advantage for Pointel over anything else. I would absolutely recommend Pointel CMS to anyone looking for Genesys Cloud Audit and Alert solution.“

Pointel Configuration Management Solution- Audit & Alert

Pointel Configuration Management Solution (CMS) is a comprehensive and easy to use solution that provides you with complete control over your Genesys configuration environment.

Pointel CMS instantly highlights changes made to the Genesys configuration environment, enabling you to understand the impact of changes to your environment immediately.

Pointel Genesys Cloud Audit and Alert further provides complete details on where, what, when, and who made the change(s). It also provides current and previous values, enabling quick rollback to a previously known configuration when needed.

With Pointel CMS, you can get proactive alerts so that you can understand the changes in real-time as they are happening. This allows you to intercept changes otherwise left unnoticed, which can often cause major outages.

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Easily Audit Your Genesys System

It is important to know what changes have been made to your Genesys Cloud environment and by whom. Pointel CMS audit and alert reports provide detailed information, including the name of the user who made the change, the date and time of the change, and both the current and previous values.

It can also restore each parameter / KVP level change, or the entire application, back to a given point-in-time. You can also create ad hoc reports on demand to better understand the changes that were made.


By using Pointel Genesys Cloud CMS Audit and Alert you can create notification alerts at any of the objects that are critical to your business.

For example, you can establish an alert for when someone changes a critical list object or critical option within an application. Each alert can be configured to notify different groups within your organization, and send alerts to predefined contact lists, such as your To, CC and BCC lists.



Your customers, clients, and management team are constantly pressuring you to do more with less.

It is a never-ending struggle to ensure that your technology design is always working at peak efficiency, and that any spare resources are reallocated across your enterprise – all with fewer IT resources, fewer software licenses, and fewer servers.

Pointel Genesys Cloud Audit and Alert Solution can help you easily and effectively manage your Genesys Cloud configurations, and enable you to achieve your vision of a better and improved experience for your customers.