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CXi – Customer Experience Insights

Consumers expect a seamless and personalized experience in self-service support through IVR. However, contact centers are facing constant challenges, including poor call containment, call disconnects, high dropout rates, high transfer rates, IVR downtime, and IVR breakpoints. It is vital that companies have a good understanding of the customer experience insights in the IVR journey to deliver best-in-class service.

The bottleneck in the IVR needs to be swiftly fixed, as IVR performance impacts your KPIs and customer satisfaction. IVR analytics provide a fact-based roadmap by converting data points into business intelligence to make informed decisions on call flow optimization, call spikes handling, self-service options, agent transfer, and more. These analytics also play a significant role in transforming your IVR into a contextual, adaptive, and personalized system. The result is a consistent, reliable IVR system that drives loyalty to your business.

Pointel CXi, the IVR analytics platform, maps the entire customer journey and analyzes calls end-to-end to turn data into actionable insights. Centralized reporting is essential for seamless customer journeys, as it is critical to know where calls are transferred or abandoned. CXi generates multiple reports on IVR performance, the Customer-IVR interactions, and sticking points in the IVR that cause customers to struggle. CXi’s IVR Analytics platform provides a comprehensive understanding of customer engagement.

Pointel CXi Provides End-to-End IVR Analytics

Pointel CXi provides actionable customer experience insights to:




CXi Interface


Powerful interface to create, view and publish reports


Drag and drop features for report creation and assembly


Capability for business users to create additional reports


Graphical visualization of data (graph, bar, pie)


User-defined calculations and metrics


Easy-to-create dashboards


Customized drill-down to multiple levels of data


Ability to customize filters for enhanced search and select

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IVR Analytics and Reports

CXi comes with a number of pre-built ready to use reports that can meet most business needs. One of the powerful features of Customer Experience Insights is, its flexibility to create additional reports quickly. A sample of a few reports is shown below.

IVR Analytics

CXi Advantages

Ease of Use

  • Browser-based interface to consume reports
  • Export capabilities to multiple formats
  • Short report-building times for business users


  • Integrated with IVR to provide access to key data points
  • Ability to integrate with other data sources and formats


  • Architected for optimal performance
  • Supports large contact center

Features of Customer Experience Insights

  • Prebuilt IVR reports designed to meet most business needs.
  • Intraday data available at configurable intervals.
  • Flexible data collection and roll up.
  • Data retention periods based on customer needs.
  • Roles-based security.
  • User-friendly interface to build ad-hoc on-demand reports.
  • Scheduled report publishing available.
  • Ability to trace a customer journey in the IVR through different criteria.
  • Ability to view all contextual data for call, including session ID, to track call in the logs with timestamps.

CXi Summary

In a time when customers are switching brands after a single poor experience, an effective IVR system brings customer satisfaction and loyalty through faster call resolution. IVR analytics displays long-term business intelligence, operational information and performance metrics to the business users from several custom reports. Pointel Customer Experience Insights (CXi) delivers actionable information that enables businesses to reduce customer effort, operational costs and increase contact center efficiency. This helps contact centers optimize employee engagement, operations, and customer experience. Turn your IVR system into a personalized service system with which your customers are happily engaged.