Contact Center Testing

Contact Center Testing – STAMP

Companies are constantly enhancing their contact center technology to positively influence interactions and response times, with the intention of improving customer satisfaction, retention, and revenue. Contact center systems including Interactive Voice Response systems must work together well with the different technical components in an omnichannel environment.

However, if the implementation of new contact center functionality and technology isn’t properly tested, these improvements can become a burden to both the customer and the contact center staff. This requires accurate and comprehensive contact center system testing. A highly functional Testing process gives customers a flawless customer experience they are looking for. Automated contact center testing is becoming the norm to remain competitive and to meet Agile/ DevOps delivery goals.

The backbone to a successful testing strategy is a comprehensive solution that can automate tests, record and report system responses, and alert teams about problems.

Pointel STAMP- System Test and Monitoring Platform provides IT and business users the ability to automate end-to-end testing, ensuring that all systems work cohesively together for the optimal customer and agent experience.

By automating the contact center’s customer interaction testing process, STAMP ensures that systems are cohesively and consistently functioning under various real-world conditions. It executes customer-to-agent interaction tests and measures interaction responses that affect customer experience by capturing prompts, responses, interaction times, speech recognition, back-end integration issues and more.


Anthony Barber Infrastructure Architect      


“STAMP has allowed us to make changes faster and identify issues beforehand. It has reduced our testing time and allowed us to go to our UAT and business partners with more confidence, knowing that what we’ve built is going to work.”


System Test and Monitoring Platform Provides End-to-End Contact Center Testing



Provides a Variety of Effective Performance Tests


Load Testing

STAMP generates actual interaction volume (call, E-mail, chat, webform, SMS) to load test contact centers, creating real-world conditions and ensuring systems are sized and configured correctly.

Functional Testing

For developmental assurances, STAMP performs and records end-to-end contact center testing. It provides verification that systems are working as designed, including call flow validation, data transfer across different applications, and system response time within an acceptable range.

Stress Testing

STAMP analyzes how contact centers function during stress conditions and uses high volume simulation to measure responsiveness under duress such as outages, incidents, or disasters.

Regression Testing

As new Contact Center Testing features and functionality are rolled out, STAMP can perform regression tests to ensure systems are stable, reliable, and there has been no impact to existing customer experience.

Heartbeat Monitoring

STAMP verifies that production environments are functioning all of the time and providing expected responses. If failures are detected, STAMP alerts operations before the customer’s experience is negatively impacted.

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STAMP Benefits

Complete Coverage with Less Effort

STAMP tests every customer experience channel and support system in an automated, repeatable approach that saves both time and resource.

Benchmark System Performance

STAMP performs load and stress testing to make sure the system can tolerate peak volume spikes in traffic or other conditional factors.

Early Problem Detection

Regression testing and heartbeat monitoring ensures that agents or customers will not experience a systemic problem, thus improving brand satisfaction.

Supportive DevOps Technology

Test plans and cases are reusable, schedulable, and can be run by developers using REST-based APIs.

Code-Free Testing

The point-and-click environment allows project resources to design and deploy tests, reducing administrative work and developer efforts.

STAMP Features

Monitors IVR, telephony systems, routing, reporting and CTI systems, and back-end integrations
Offers fully distributed, flexible architecture to suit any contact center specifications
Provides real interactions and transactions to test under load or 24/7
Creates test plans quickly either by importing APIs or designing plans within STAMP
Export or Clones test plans for archiving or repeating procedures
Generates consistent monitoring plans through configurable intervals
Fully traverses through IVR menus for DTMF and voice-enabled experiences
Supports omnichannel contact center testing including SMTP email, web email, and chat interaction types
Offers a comprehensive test data management suite to comply with PCI/DSS and HIPAA
Delivers advanced test data management such as set-up and reset data prior to execution, group data items, collect data items from other databases or backend systems via web services
Enables tests to be grouped, saved, stored, and shared between IT, DevOps, and the testing team
Provides rule-based “virtual agent” mimicking agent actions
Includes historical reports with drill-down insights and real-time monitoring for configurable levels (success, failure and warnings). Offers configurable notification levels based on failures
Generates real-time view of test execution
Records and listens to calls and can pause, rewind, and forward the interactions
Provides comprehensive API availability enabling Agile and DevOps for development teams

STAMP Summary

STAMP tests cover every aspect of the contact center’s customer interactions, helping operational teams troubleshoot and resolve customer experience issues. STAMP enables different groups (Testers, Business Analysts, IT, Developers) to automate testing, helping teams work consistently together to deliver a quality product on-time. STAMP also supports QA, DevOps, IT, and Contact Center Management uptime responsibility, by providing application and system performance reports and alerts. By deploying Pointel STAMP as the contact center testing solution, companies will realize the value in reduced testing time, resource savings, performance transparency, and proactive alerts.