Genesys Adapter for Salesforce

Genesys Adapter for Salesforce

When customers call, your contact center agents need to retrieve the right information quickly. If agents have to navigate between separate applications (interaction management, sales and service applications) customer interactions will take longer, the cost per call interaction increases and customer satisfaction plummets. Fortunately with Pointel, there is a better way.

Pointel Genesys Adapter for Salesforce unifies and automatically synchronizes Genesys Workspace and Salesforce applications. Screen-pops and click-to-dial capabilities help agents to focus on providing superior customer experience.

Pointel Genesys Adapter for Salesforce is easy to administer. Changes are centralized and highly flexible via configuration. Furthermore, you can customize screens to suit your business processes.

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Shorten Call Time to Resolution:

By unifying the Genesys and Salesforce applications, caller lookup is nearly instantaneous. Automatic activity creation and caller data synchronization capabilities further reduce call handling time. Agents will spend less time navigating multiple systems to retrieve and act upon the right information and caller satisfaction will improve. Pointel’s Genesys Adapter for Salesforce increases the ROI on your contact center investment.

Keep Agents Current with Caller Interactions:

Agents can access the latest information on recent caller interactions and their resolution. The Pointel Genesys Adapter for Salesforce can create Salesforce account activity records automatically upon completion of the interaction. Your agents will spend less time reporting, more time interacting and customer experience improves. Increase your contact center success with Pointel.

Key Features of Genesys Adapter for Salesforce

  • Inbound/Outbound Voice, eServices, Enterprise Workload Management(EWM), SMS and social channels support
  • Centralized configuration (CME Level) to screen-pop case, contact, lead, or other Salesforce objects
  • Automatic activity creation including custom fields
  • Click-to-call capabilities from
  • Search capabilities using custom fields
  • JavaScript with Apex packages in
  • Open-CTI based integration
  • Scripting to create new or update existing interactions in Workspace
  • Apex classes for interaction with


Pointel Genesys Adapter for Salesforce is an easily-deployed, powerful way to tie together the power of Genesys Workspace and Agents will be able to view the right information when they need it, without extra navigation or data entry, there will be a decrease in the time for interaction resolution and agents will have up to date information on past caller interactions.

By deploying an off-the-shelf integration, you cut the costs, time, and risks of in-house software integration development and maintenance. If you would like to cut interaction handling costs and improve customer experience, the customizable Pointel Genesys Adapter for Salesforce is the right tool for you and your enterprise.