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Empowering Business Users on Genesys Cloud – Dynamic Contact Center Manager (DCCM)

Posted on June 4, 2021

Genesys cloud is a leading Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)solution that allows businesses to optimize operations and improve customer experience.

More than 11,000 businesses across 100 countries run on different Genesys customer experience platforms. However, Genesys cloud is the most popular platform, with a market share of more than 70% in 2021.

Pointel Dynamic Contact Center Manager (DCCM) is a tailored solution for businesses running on Genesys cloud. DCCM aims to optimize operational efficiency by equipping contact center supervisors and managers with special tools for configuring, controlling, and monitoring processes.

When combined with tools such as Workforce Engagement Management (WEM), DCCM enhances forecasting, planning, resource utilization, and cost- saving. Also, improved contact center management through optimized routing helps enterprises achieve Service-Level Agreement (SLA) objectives and improve customer experience.

Optimization of Contact Center Routing for Improved Performance of Businesses on Genesys Cloud

DCCM provides an easy- to- use(or user-friendly) interface that allows contact center operators to control emergency messages, percentage allocation, and other parameters that impact call traffic and staffing to optimize the customer experience. Generalized routing allows supervisors to implement and manage routing strategies from a common point, thus improving performance and response to changing traffic parameters. Pointel DCCM can work with any type of routing strategies include

  • Skill-based call routing
  • Service-level call routing

Skill-based call routing strategy

Under skill-based routing, calls are directed to agents whose skill sets match the profiles of the customers in the queue. Also, proficiency scorecards may be employed to rank agents based on their performance and acquired training. Besides improving customer experience, this strategy enhances the efficiency of internal operations for businesses on Genesys Cloud. This translates to increased team performance and business profitability. Below is a summary of the benefits of the Skill-based strategy:

  • Improved first-call resolution: By selecting an agent whose skills and training match the customer’s profile, the probability of addressing the customer’s concerns in the first call is increased significantly. 
  • Enhanced customer experience: Customers feel more satisfied when their concerns are resolved, and correct information is provided to them by a knowledgeable agent.
  • Improved agent performance: Since agents are allowed to handle queries within their area of expertise, resolution time is reduced significantly.

Service-Level Call Routing Strategy

Under the service-level routing, calls are distributed to agents or agent groups based on a set of predefined business priorities. Business users on Genesys cloud can achieve Service-Level Optimization (SLO) by incorporating Pointel DCCM to manage service-level routing. To accomplish this, the contact center manager identifies a set of business attributes, defines the workflow strategy, and finally configures the database. Typical business attributes include service type and objectives, customer segments, and media type.

The workflow is defined based on the following service factors:

  • Waiting time: This is the time taken before the call is routed. Waiting time varies depending on the queue and the capacity of the contact center personnel.
  • Interaction time: This is the total time consumed after the first routing point has been reached. Tracking the interaction time enables rerouting prioritization for customers whose needs require interdepartmental engagement.
  • Risk Factor: Calculated based on the level of importance of a specific interaction to the service objective. The interactions with the highest risk factor are assigned a high routing priority. 

Optimized service-level routing allows Genesys cloud-based businesses to improve customer interaction and achieve SLO and SLA objectives.

Pointel DCCM – an Effective Genesys Contact Center Management Tool for Optimized Customer Experience

Pointel DCCM is a purpose-built solution with business users in mind that allows contact center managers and supervisors to access and manage configuration objects such as holidays, hours of operation, percentage allocation,  queues,  skills and other contact center attributes dynamically. DCCM improves performance by optimizing various contact center parameters. For instance, DCCM integration into Genesys contact center improves response, reduces cycle time, lowers waiting time, and minimizes the abandonment rate. This empowers contact center agents to focus on improving service quality and customer satisfaction.

By optimizing staffing conditions and traffic patterns, DCCM directly improves efficiency and resource utilization, thus reducing operating costs.

Pointel – Empowering Businesses on Genesys cloud

Pointel DCCM increases the efficiency of operations and creates an enhanced customer-centric environment. The use of tools such as Dynamic Contact Center Manager not only streamlines business processes but also reduces the operating cost significantly.

By integrating Pointel  DCCM into Genesys contact center operations, business users are provided with tools for making well-informed decisions, optimizing operations, improving customer experience, and increasing profitability.

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