Pointel’s Genesys Adapter for ServiceNow

What if you can integrate ServiceNow and Genesys Cloud to help your contact center agents and improve the customer experience:

  • Save time per call interaction
  • Reduce cost per call interaction
  • Improve employee/customer experience
  • Offer personalized caller experience and
  • Guarantee a fantastic customer experience and satisfaction that ensures loyalty to your brand.

Unleash the Potential of ServiceNow and Genesys Cloud for Unrivaled Customer Experience with Pointel’s Genesys Cloud Adapter for ServiceNow

Many organizations like yours leverage the ServiceNow solution to set the pace for effective employee/customer management. However, the challenge has always been the need for standardized integration between ServiceNow and Genesys Cloud. Previously, you had to navigate several applications before addressing the customer’s needs. This tedious process wastes time and cost per call, bores your customers, and exhausts your employees.

The new Pointel Adapter merges the ServiceNow solution and Genesys Cloud into a more formidable tool for your contact center. It smoothes away the challenges of employee and customer experience by becoming a bridge that simplifies workflow and improves the efficiency of your contact center agents.

Benefits of Pointel’s Genesys Adapter for ServiceNow

    • Unified Agent Desktop

Genesys adapter for ServiceNow unifies Genesys Cloud and ServiceNow into a single desktop interface for agents. This unified interface improves your employee morale, efficiency, and overall productivity. It also enhances ROI by shortening call durations and thus lowering the cost per call.

    • Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Today, customers are more satisfied by how quickly you can solve their problems than by your ability to solve them. Pointel Adapter can be a magic wand that helps your agents stay productive at a speed that wows your clients. Pointel’s Genesys Adapter for ServiceNow enables you to play above the brimming competition in your industry by providing an exceptional customer experience that drives customer loyalty.

    • Happy Agents

There is no better way to make agents happier than to make their job easier. By unifying the ServiceNow solution and Genesys Cloud, the Adapter reduces the effort and stress of your agents. Happy employees make for happy customers, and Pointel’s Adapter for ServiceNow is your key to creating a team that loves their jobs.

    • Improved Accuracy

It’s easy to make mistakes and mix up client data when you work with many interaction management, sales, and service applications. Pointel Adapter eliminates user data errors by providing all the information in a ready-to-use unified interface.

    • Personalized Caller Experience

The Pointel Adapter enables your contact center agents to address and keep updated records of interactions with individual callers by automatically logging activities. All previous interactions (history) are in one place, easy to access for agents.

    • Customizable Solution

To encourage maximum productivity, you may need to customize your contact center solutions to suit your needs. Pointel’s Genesys Adapter for ServiceNow allows you to customize your screen to improve your contact center performance and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

    • Easy to Deploy

The cloud-based deployment makes new releases and updates easy and seamless.

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