Dynamic Contact Center Manager

Contact Center Challenge – Complex, Time-Consuming Change Process

Contact center infrastructure deployment and operation typically requires highly skilled CTI engineers. When faced with sudden, dynamic changes, the contact center operators typically escalate the issue in a predetermined process. This process results in long cycle times, higher operational costs and dissatisfied customers.

Dynamically Achieve Service Level Objectives and Optimize Customer Experience

Contact center operations face dynamic challenges such as inbound call spikes, emergency closures and unplanned local holidays. Pointel’s Dynamic Contact Center Manager (DCCM) empowers multi-site contact center operations teams to rapidly and safely respond to such challenges.

With a browser-based interface, operators can easily change parameters such as routing, load distribution, agent queues and skills to meet Service Level Agreement (SLA) objectives and optimize the customer experience.

DCCM Helps Enterprises with Genesys Contact Center Monitoring Solutions

  • Empower contact center operators to achieve SLA objectives
  • Reduce cycle time and increase the speed of contact center response
  • Reduce customer wait times and minimize abandonment rate
  • Reduce time spent by Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) engineers on production support and increase focus on strategic projects
  • Achieve individual user accountability and quick troubleshooting
  • Adopt best practices in routing design and business operations

Empower Contact Center Operations to Achieve SLA Objectives

Dynamic Contact Center Manager (DCCM) solves the problem of long cycle time by providing contact center operations with secure, browser-based access to critical contact center parameters. User-friendly tags/aliases for cryptic parameter names ensure that the operations team can quickly and accurately identify the correct parameters to change and achieve the target SLA objectives.


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Achieve Operational Flexibility with Security


Make dynamic adjustments safely with role-based security and limits

  • Permit only authorized users. Authorization is based on role
  • Ensure changes are safe with upper and lower limits
  • Easily and quickly rollback any change with complete change history

Achieve User Accountability and Quick Problem Analysis

With the complete history of all changes made by every user, including parameter and agent skill changes, DCCM enables comparison of each change with the corresponding outcomes in the contact center operation. In case there is an anomaly, the complete audit trail can be easily analyzed.

  • Analyze comprehensive audit trails showing the user, changes with a time stamp and notes entered by the user
  • Ensure business objectives are met continuously with downloadable Excel reports, emailed reports, comprehensive alerts and triggers


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Best Practices for Continuous Operations Improvement

DCCM’s browser-based secure access to critical contact center parameters enables best practices by separating parameters from routing design logic, giving control to the contact center operations team and maintaining a detailed audit trail of changes.

Extensible, Standards-Based Architecture

Based on a Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture separating the presentation layer, business logic and the data layer, DCCM is easy to configure and deploy. DCCM accesses Genesys configuration data through the Configuration Server ensuring 100% data integrity at all times. DCCM supports future Genesys upgrades since it is built on the recommended Genesys SDKs. DCCM supports high availability through load balancing and connections to Genesys primary and backup Configuration Servers.


Contact center operations are faced with rapidly changing conditions such as inbound call spikes, emergency closures and local holidays. DCCM empowers contact center operators with intuitive and safe access to critical parameters and agent skills, enabling them to effectively handle such changes, meet SLA objectives and optimize the customer experience without any interruptions or delays.

Feature Benefits
Browser-based Intuitive, user-friendly access from any computer, anytime without a need for any desktop application installation.
Role-based security Provides a high level of control to ensure that only permitted users make changes to mission-critical operational parameters.
User-friendly aliases/tags for cryptic parameter names, e.g. “Miami Call Center Open Close Flag” as a tag for “MOCF” Enables business users/command center operators to quickly and accurately identify parameters and avoids confusion.
Built – in validation with lower and upper limits for parameters. Ensures that business users/command center operators do not cause any undue damage to operations
Comprehensive audit trail for all changes with relevant notes. Enables quick rollback of changes if required, fast debugging of operations when required, establishes best practices and provides quick learning
Real-time key-value pair updates through the Genesys Configuration Server, utilizing the Genesys Software Development Kit (SDK) Maintains data integrity, avoids duplication of mission-critical parameters and ensures compatibility as the Genesys infrastructure is upgraded.
Standard hardware & software-based Easy and fast deployment.